I am not a doctor

I'm Anouk. Dutch. And I am not a doctor. Obviously.


Tumblr: Things I make and draw

Unedited practise video of my and a friends’ shadow puppet presentation at school. We’re still waiting for the final presentation file with audio. But whatever. 

Also, making the puppets etc. was fun but I doubt I’ll soon do this again.


Book scroll made for school about the cat (K.C.) we had before Remi. He died in 2011. :(


Finished the penguin book! 

Please tell me what you think is happening to the penguin :) 

(I used gouache, pencil and ink on both regular and watercolour paper)

And yet another illustration attempt.

And yet another illustration attempt.

Help please :)

I want to make illustrations based on a text/story/quote so if anyone has a suggestion for me.. That would be very welcome!

(I won’t mind if you wrote the text yourself by the way! But I try to avoid the very well known stories like the Disney ones)